Hidden Gem | Cafe Placzek | Brno

We had a long Easter weekend and amazing warm weather so we can make most out of it. One of those days was meant to be spent in the city center, where all the fun activities were.

There is always a cause for celebration here, so you know that there is a crowd, tourists, drinks, performances. 
That's why I was so amazed when just 5 minutes away from the center, in one of the streets leading to the square, there was this café in the most peaceful and quiet place. 

I'm talking about Cafe Placzek , located on Minoritska 5. I knew it looked familiar, cause I always choose a random street to take a walk in. I knew I've past it before.
But this time, decided to sit down and enjoy the silence, in the most cozy atmosphere and completely relaxed mode.

I highly recommend it when you are in Brno and try to avoid the always full cafes in the strict center.
Enjoy the photos.

Hope you like it 
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