Do Not Take It Personally.
This summer has had some serious heatwaves, getting super hot, hard to breathe.
If you are by the sea, then you are in luck. If not, you try to fight it the best possible way :)
One of those ways is wearing light clothing, whether in material or color.

That's why it might be strange why I am wearing a black skirt, that would logically make me warmer, but this is such a light skirt and somehow it doesn't attract the heat. It is yet another skirt I cannot stop wearing and is one of my top 3 choices.
I also love it cause it's high-waist, so I can perfectly match it with crop tops like this one.
The color of the top is a beautiful red and you can combine it in many different ways, wear it with jeans, skirts, even to the beach.
This time it is matched with the red sandals and I added the cute red earrings to complete the look.

Hope you like it 
S. ♥

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