All That Denim.


We can almost say "Goodbye" to the cold days and the winter. But almost, considering that it was snowing just 10 days ago. That is just March acting up.
March is probably the month when whatever you choose to put on - you will be mistaken. Mornings are still cold, mid-day extremely warm and evenings just a mix of the whole day.
So believe me when I tell you that this coat/jacket was necessary.


It may seem like I have to many pieces of clothing on me, but I can justify for all of them. The coat you see on me, it is actually denim. So it's light and doesn't keep me warm. Perfect for those chilly mornings and unpredictable evenings.
When taken off, staying with the denim shirt is just enough.
Also, soon this ankle boots will be replaced by sneakers for sure.
This outfit on me is a look for everyday, safe choice for going out on a coffee, walking in the park or running errands through out the day. 
Let me know what you think.
Hope you like it 
S. ♥

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