Winter Breeze.


Hi everyone! It seems like forever ago I wrote my last blog post. It was literally last year :)
But here I am again, trying to be more consistent and share with you some interesting content through out the whole year.
It is still winter, according to the calendar, even though we had some spring-like sunny and warm days. Not ready to get rid of the sweaters and coats yet.


If there's one thing you are going to notice when in Czech Republic - it's bear ankles, even during the winter. People are wearing just sneakers and jeans, leaving that part in between all naked :D
So I decided to try it as well.
This small houndstooth pattern will forever be one of my faves. It can be a bit hard on the eyes when photographed though. :)
The sweater in this outfit is the most worn piece of clothing that I wore this season. Soft, comfortable, warm and so cute. So cute, that I have it in another color as well.

I hope this is enough for my coming back post, so I'll leave it here. 

Hope you like it 
S. ♥

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