Brick Orange.

It is literally the last day of August and we all know that September already counts as autumn. I don't mind the arrival of autumn. We kinda had a heat wave here in Brno, it was so hot, outside, as well as inside. Little cooling off would be quite welcoming.
Taking long walks in the evenings is what I mostly did this summer. This is one of those walks, on Špilberk Castle, which is a Gothic-Romanesque Castle on a hilltop here in Brno. It actually has a very interesting history, which I will write all about in another post.


This one-piece romper with open back is very very cute. I don't even have to tell you how easy-wearing piece of clothing is. You can see it by yourself. What I love about this items like this one-piece is that you just throw it on, and there is no need for additional thinking and combining.
You just simply accessorize it and you are ready to go. You can wear it anywhere. This time I chose to combine it with strappy sandals and cute little belt in the same color.

Do you like wearing rompers and jumpsuits? Let me know :)

Hope you like it 
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Romper - Terranova
Sandals - Primark



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