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Have I told you how much I love my friends? Talking to them makes my day so much better, it's bringing me so much happiness and positivity. But seeing them in person, and for them to come to Brno, was like a ray of sunshine for me. I still can't believe it. That weekend is one of my happiest memories.


Speaking of, they never come empty-handed, so they surprised me so much when they brought this "Makedonsko devojce" shirt for me, and "Raised on Ajvar" for my husband.
The design is 100% by "Fingerprint", from the edition "Macedonian Beauty" and every T-shirt tells a different story. Honestly, this is now one of my favorite T-shirts that I own :)
To be original, it means getting out of the sea of ​​a uniform look and thought. And today it is a difficult task. Surrounded by things that resemble each other, we begin to lose our own individuality and our own style.
There is no such problem in Fingerprint. This new trade brand offers a creative concept of how it might look different and stylish. He brings together everyday life and wit, and offers a uniquely designed outfit on the market.
Behind Fingerprint stands a creative crew of young people who never lack ideas and a cheerful spirit and who skillfully reveal the most subtle features that make this piece of land and people so original.
In front of you is the first edition of T-shirts named Macedonian beauty, which will in a different way tell the story of the Macedonian charm, sun, lakes and ajvar. 🙂
Every piece of clothing is 100% thoughtfully done in Macedonia and is the first of a series of different products and designs that will follow.Fingerprint - a piece of story - Fingerprint
Hope you like it 
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T-shirt - Fingerprint
Sneakers - H&M
Skirt - Lindex



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