We create our own happiness. We choose it every day. But when my friends came to visit 2 weeks ago, my happiness was over the roof. Early mornings, cooking breakfast, endless walks. 
A lot of exploring and a little bit of sunbathing. Beer tasting and finding the best sweets in town. Which we did and you'll read all about the in one of my next posts :) 
Taking these pictures was one of those moments when we couldn't stop laughing, enjoying and having the time of our lives.
Feeling childish with blowing bubbles, had us laughing through out the day. 


This is my first ever off-shoulder strapless dress and I believe it's one of the statement pieces for this summer. It is very light and casual and so easy to wear. 
I ordered it from Ali Express (click the link) and it will lead you to the dress. I chose mine in blue/white stripes, but you can also choose it with pink, grey or green stripes. 
When I wear dresses, I'm always doubting whether to wear sneakers or flats. This day included a lot of walking, so I chose the white sneakers from H&M
Hope you like it
S. ♥ 

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Dress - Ali Express
Sneakers - H&M 
Sunglasses - New Yorker



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