Busy Street.


Well, you can not tell from the title of this post, but this is actually one of the busiest streets in Brno. The station Česka is of the stations where a lot of šalinas (Trams in Brno are called šalina) meet. These photos are taken within 1 minute, with a phone, hence their quality.
"Česká Street is a very lively and busy street in Brno. The street was named Česká (Czech) because it was the centre for Czech cultural life in Brno in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, the street is dominated by shops of various international brands." - Go to Brno
This beautiful street leads up to Komenského náměstí - a square, which is named after Jan Amos Komensky, who is dedicated to the evangelical church (the so-called "red church"), located in the middle of the square.
"The street leads from náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) to a small square with a clock on the corner of one of the buildings. Many locals use this clock as their meeting point when getting together. Česká is one of the few streets in the city centre which has yet to be repaired." - Go to Brno


I know that the pictures are not good quality, but I had to show you this dress, which I really really love. It is easy to wear, great material, off-shoulder (once again) and has an amazing color. This boho style long dress is beautiful summer piece, which can be also worn to beach, with a great hat and sunglasses as an accessories.

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Dress - AliExpress
Sandals - Primark



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