Top Knot.

I am writing this post with one hand, because my little baby decided that my other hand is quite tasty and more interesting than her toys. Since I've had her, I started doing most of the things with only one hand, starting from coffee, lunch etc. But that's a totally different subject of motherhood, which I don't think you'll be interested in. Or maybe you will be, let me know, I got a lot to share :) 

It seems like we went straight from winter to summer, nothing in between. I was feeling hot even in these pants which are so light and airy. And letting the hair down will soon be replaced with knots and braids. It's that hot. 
The safest color choice is always neutrals and beige tints if you want to avoid the sun. 
A shirt like this can be worn in many combinations, with shirts, shorts, long pants, casual or formal. It is just simple white shirt. You need it :) 
It is the first time that I have this kind of pants. I even had to google the official word for them (wide 3/4 pants) - culottes. Yup.
Since the flats are double-colored, I matched them with this little bag that has the similar colors, so I believe they fit quite well. 

p.s.To be honest, after this shoot, I changed the flats for sneakers, and the bag for a backpack 😉

Hope you like it
S. ♥ 

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Pants - Pull & Bear 
Flats - Reserved 
Watch - AliExpress



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