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I can finally say that spring has arrived around here. This weekend was the first sunny one, so I had the chance to go out, together with my husband and the baby on a first walk around the town.  And I have to say - I love it. I don't like crowded places, but that only goes for closed places, shopping centers and so on. 
When it comes to the squares, cafes, hidden spots in the town - lot of people bring out the positivity and laughter. Together with the sun. The sun does that automatically. 


Only three colors included - I can say for this outfit. And I prefer to choose comfortable clothes and shoes when I know that there's going to be long walks included. 
Lately I really like simple blouses with something written on them. Just like this one, with the word "Beautiful" on it. 
The pattern that you see on the pants has always been my favorite. When I was little, I had tons of outfits with this pattern, because it was actually my mom's favorite one. Now, I am looking to buy a bag with this design one as well. 
This pants are a bit loose and sporty style, but I'm really wondering if I can pool them off with a pair of heels, what do you think about that? 
And while I'm in pursuit for a perfect pair of white sneakers, which I know will go flawlessly with this style, these grey one will do☺
As I said, this outfit was for walk around the town, with my husband and my baby, I chose to wear a backpack instead of a bag. 

Hope you like it
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 Blouse - Butik Biljana 
 Pants - Struzanka 
 Sneakers - F&F

These socks are from AliExpress (click on the link if you want them) 



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