With a weather so unpredictable and unstable, you can truly feel the signs of early spring. The fashion while the weather is so sunny during the day and breezy during the night is so chaotic. 
But that gives you the opportunity to mix and match mostly everything you want, without having to explain yourself. You can still wear boots or you can switch to ballet flats. You can still wear coats but you can also switch to leather jackets. You get my point, right? :)


 My outfit today is still a bit 'warm'. This dress is very winter-y and of warm material. The cut-out shoulders are the spring-y detail which makes it not a typical plain dress. For the same reason I've accessorized it with a thin belt as well. I would also say that the colors of this outfit are not that exciting - thanks to the background wall that makes this pictures colorful
Black and grey combinations are one of the safest and the easiest one for blending in. And yes, this Primark jacket is giving me life! It's made for this time, this season. 
Its fit is amazing and it's giving that feeling of confidence, you know which one I'm talking about :) 

Hope you like it ;)
S. ♥

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  1. Фустанот е пресладок, одличен за времето <3


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