What else to say about the craziness going on with this weather? I love spring, I really do - the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, the energy that gives us. The blossoming of the trees and flowers, giving you hope for something new. 

Moreover, spring is the transition between the cold crispy nights to the pleasant feeling of being able to wear few layers of clothing and showing a bit more skin.

                                                                   THE OUTFIT. 

The most common outfit I see everywhere around me, practically a uniform, a standard - is leather jacket, ripped jeans and Converse! More than one of these elements is included in a casual spring combination. I understand why is that - it is literally the easiest, the no-brainer outfit. 

I never thought I would buy this kind of jeans, never! I tried these as a joke, bought them withing 10 seconds, and since then, they are the only ones I wear, constantly. This graphic, colorful t-shirt fits just right here. You can combine the jeans in many different ways - versatile is the right word!
For me, these types of combinations are the mark of warmer season. 

Hope you like it ;)
S. ♥

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  1. Really beautiful outfit and blog too! ♥


  2. Great blog and I love tis t-shirt.
    Thank you for lovely comment :*
    Ejnets in Lisboa

  3. Lovely T-shirt :)

  4. ejj prekrasna!
    outfit-ot skroz vo moj stil, converse for the win! :)
    kosata ti e preubava i fotkite odlicni! <3

  5. Nice Outfit. The T-shirt looks so like spring with the colors and the bycicle.
    Best wishes

  6. Prekrasna si. Dopada mi se tvoj blog! :)


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