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Let me take you on a journey to the best Cukrárna - Pastry shop in town. I have discovered this pastry shop right since the moment we moved in here, but it took me a long time before I actually went there to check it out. And now that I've discovered it, I go there on regular basis.
I never ate so much sweet, until I was 8 months pregnant. From that moment, I got addicted to donuts and hot chocolate. After I gave birth, I have been trying to slow down with the sweet stuff, but this pastry shop is my guilty pleasure.

 Cukrové nebe 

Cukrové nebe is located 10 minutes from the city center. It is located on Uvoz street, on Čápkova bus stop and works every day from 9.30am until 9pm. When I was going to work, I was always starring through the window, cause I loved the interior, and once I finally went into, I fell in love with it even more.
And what can I tell you about their sweets? The most delicious pastries, amazing flavors, pretty on the outside, but pretty tasty on the inside as well. They are so flavorful, I keep coming for more.
Plus they have ice-cream and great coffee. So, they have it all :) 

So on the next pictures, take a look at the charming and cute interior and the wonderful pastries as well.

Hope you like it 
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