Alcazaba de Málaga & Gibralfaro Castle | Málaga
Málaga is a world apart from the adjoining Costa del Sol; a historic and culturally rich provincial capital which has long lived in the shadow of the iconic Andalusian cities of Granada, Córdoba and Seville. Yet, it has rapidly emerged as the province's city of culture with its so-called 'mile of art' being compared to Madrid, and its dynamism and fine dining to Barcelona.

Alcazaba de Málaga

The impressive group of buildings, mostly dating from the eleventh century, formed the palace-fortress of the Moslem rulers of the city. It is built on a spur and adapted to its contours.
One of the first investigators, proffesor L.Torres Balbás, discovered the Fortifications at the Entrance, forming part of the city walls, ith the Puerta de la Boveda (Gate of the Vault), built by an angle to increase its defensive value. The Puerta de las Columnas (Gate of the Columns) was build using Roman columns and beams, forming a beautiful arch. 

Useful info:
Prices: admission €2.20, including Castillo de Gibralfaro €3.40
Opening hours: 9.30am-8pm Tue-Sun 
Gibalfaro Castle
One remnant of Málaga’s Islamic past is the craggy ramparts of the Castillo de Gibralfaro, spectacularly located high on the hill overlooking the city. Built by Abd ar-Rahman I, the 8th-century Cordoban emir, and later rebuilt in the 14th century when Málaga was the main port for the emirate of Granada, the castle originally acted as a lighthouse and military barracks.
Nothing much is original in the castle’s interior, but the airy walkway around the ramparts affords the best views over Málaga.
There is also a military museum, which includes a small scale model of the entire castle complex and the lower residence, the Alcazaba. 

Useful info:
Prices: admission €2.20, including Alcazaba €3.40
Opening hours
: 9am-9pm Apr-Sep 

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