Green Apple.
I like and go by the rule 'don't use more than 3 colors' in your combination. So if we eliminate black and white, since they don't count as colors anyways, this would make a successful combination. 
I also don't usually go for bright colors, but this day the sunny weather inspired me and I went for it.
When I wear leggings I tend to wear long shirts as well, 
like the white one in this combination
(which buttons showed underneath the sweater and was too late to notice them - sorry for that)
You can also notice that my hair is shorter - I love it this way, it's so much easier and better for me. 
I hope you like this post, 
S. ♥

(sweater - Camaieu, leggings - Terranova, boots - Avanti, handbag - handmade from Slovakia, necklace - BuyInCoins, watch - AliExpress
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  1. Многу убава и свежа комбинација за времево :)
    Изборот на накит ти е прекрасен.

    1. Ти благодарам :) Не сум љубител на вакви 'светли' нијанси облека, освен во лето, но понекогаш ми доаѓа таа желба за освежување во секојдневното сивило ;)

  2. ne sum fan na vaka drech boi, no zelena boja sakam i kombinacijava izgleda bash super, svezo i proletno :)

  3. ovaa nijansa na zelena mi bese omilena boja vo moite ludi tinejdjerski godini - bukvalno setav zelena od glava do peti :) - me podseti i razveseli :)
    odlicen post


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