Going Up.



Going up, in this case means literally moving to a new country. Since this summer, our new location is Brno, Czech Republic. Big life changes, big choices and getting used to the new life is part of our everyday routine now. And it's going well. 

                                                                            THE OUTFIT.

Let's be real - in the meantime I've forgot how to take pictures, how to pose, how to write. There has been a big gap since the last post until this one now and I don't want to promise regular or time defined posts right now.
So when I can - I will be posing and posting, hoping I will find my routine back. 

The shirt and the blazer vest are from H&M. The boots are F&F, and my number one bag right now is this one I got from Aliexpress - and I completely recommend it, fast delivery and no smell. ;)

Hope you like this.
S. ♥ 

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