Beauty of Matte Velvet.

I've always been a fan of Golden Rose products. No matter how many eyeliners I've tried - I turned back to the Black Liquid Golden Rose one.
In the last couple of years, they expanded their product's palette, whether it was nail lacquers or lipsticks, make-up brushes or foundations, they simply know how to put a good product on a shelf.

We all know that matte lipsticks became very popular, so there my search for a good one has started. Somehow, the other brands were too expensive for my budget, until these came up. They are so affordable and of such great quality, you really want to have them all.

Inspired by the lovely picture compositions of Dona's blog "October Graves" and her amazing reviews, I decided to make on of my own about some of my favorites.

Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.14

Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.14 - This is my latest edition. I was thinking about it for long time before I bought it. I loved it on the pictures I've seen, but I wasn't so sure every time I went to the store. 
Knowing that I have nothing to lose - I decided to buy it and wasn't disappointed for one second. It is some kind of dark pink and light violet shade, which is so wonderful on the lips. 
Perfect choice for everyday make-up.

Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.17
Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.17 - This is the first one I bought, almost a year ago. It is perfect light red, with maybe a little orange shade. I love it when wearing light clothes on sunny days. 

Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.18
Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.18 - This one is the perfect red shade for classic and elegant evening combinations. It is the one that never goes out of style. 

Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.23
Golden Rose Matte Velvet no.23 -  I'm so obsessed with this one. It's a dark red shade, which is the absolute hit for this season. I think it is little strong for a day wear, but the right choice for the evening.
You can see it on me on the promotion of the "Fashion Blog DNA"

I hope you like this post. Do you have a favorite?
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  1. Многу убави бои. Карминиве им се одлични, имам и јас четири ама сакам уште. После твојов пост најверојатно изборот ќе биде 23. Ти го препорачувам бр. 10, преубава боја за секој ден. :)

    1. Ти благодарам. Јас бр.14 го видов кај тебе и веднаш ми се допадна :)

  2. nijansive se prekrasni site do edna... shteta shto nemam navika da koristam karmini od Golden Rose, bidejki go imaat onoj intenziven miris na karmin koj mi dava glavobolka :))

    1. Јас сум многу задоволна од овие што ги имам, некако Golden Rose ми стануваат сè подобри и подобри. Јас пак сакам да ги пробам тие на Аура што ги препорача на твојот блог :)

  3. Ćao super mi je post. Imam i ja jedan sličan :D Ja sam nova u ovom svemu pa bi voljela kada bi zapratila moj blog, naravno uzvraćam pozzzz


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