Redness in the Hallway.

My plan with this post was to go outside and take beautiful pictures, surrounded by the amazing buildings and architecture here in Brno. But! It is so cold!
On my way down the stairs, I just looked around and thought - Wait a minute, the hallway in my building is so picturesque, let's take some test photos here. 

And they turned up amazing, and we didn't go out at all - one of the reasons I don't have my coat on :D

p.s. If I look a little bit bigger, well, being 9 months pregnant can do that to you :D 

                                                                         THE OUTFIT.

It is often said that if you want to stand out in the crowd - wear something red. I did it this time so I can brighten up the cloudy weather outside and my mood at the same time. This red sweater with cut-outs on the shoulder is amazing and slightly different from a typical winter sweater. 

Girls from Macedonia - you can find it in Prendi (I have it in green as well).
This pleated skirt is from AliExpress (click for the link). And it served me so well. It is so comfortable, adjustable and versatile. In summer I wear it with crop top. 
The boots go almost over the knee. What I love about them is the heel itself, which makes them super comfortable and easy to walk in. They are from Avanti ;) 

Hope you like it
S. ♥ 

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