Bliss can be defined in a lot of ways, but it comes down to the feeling of joy and happiness. For me, bliss is family, bliss is love, bliss is traveling. As I wrote in the previous post, I love the feeling of instant happiness that you hold on to for days.
                                                                         THE OUTFIT. 
It is funny to me, that in the last two posts the main color of my outfits is pink. I've never loved this color, especially not the bright pink shade. That's why I started with the safest option - details. You can try it too, with a color you are not so fond of. 
This dress is one of the comfiest I have worn, and it's definitely the best material ever! It's literally gliding! It is from the brand called Camaïeu. 

Hope you like this.
S. ♥

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  1. Фустанот е одличен, совршен за пролетта и летото.


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