This Dress Has Got Shorter.


Just like my previous post - Redness in the Hallway, the pictures in this one are also taken in the hallway of my building. Because of that - I didn't put on the coat for the photos. 
These are actually one of the last moments before giving birth. So in these pictures I am 9 months pregnant. 
The title of this post, says it all - this dress has got shorter :D Maybe not literally, but when I put it on and the belly popped out - this dress that was once up to my knees, went a bit higher. 


To be honest, this is not a "combination". It is just a dress. Dress and boots, but... 
I have always been a fan of the color blue, always. Even though, officially, red is my favorite color, if I have to choose between the same piece of outfit in either red or blue, I would choose the blue one.
Same thing with this dress, which is again from Prendi. On the first look, it is so simple, but the ruffle on the side makes it all. The material is very beautiful and warm, perfect for colder weather. 
The boots are from Avanti, last season, but I will say times and times again - they are so comfortable to walk in and are great choice for autumn/winter weather. 

p.s. With a baby in my arms, I didn't have time to edit the photos, I'll try more next time.

Hope you like it
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