Rock Vibe | Atelier by Iva
Wearing leather almost instantly gives those ROCK vibes. Those are needed when an event calls for them. And the event this time was the 10th season of Fashion Weekend Skopje.
The collaboration with Iva, from Atelier by Iva, and the decision to wear her design that night, has helped me to feel more confident when I'm taking risks with the clothes I choose to wear. When you go to her atelier and see with how much love she is working, dedicating attention to every single piece she's creating, you are going to fall in love too. So loosen up and rock on!

Wearing all black always makes me feel confident and glamorous without too much effort. The leather skirt was my go-to for adding a bit of edge to this look. The fringe on the skirt is the detail that make all the difference and take this black skirt to another level.
To mix it up, I chose this top, which is so delicate and beautifully made with sheer open back. The details of this great piece are visible even a leather jacket on top of it.



  1. Оутфитот е прекрасен, особено штиклите :)

  2. I'm in love with this outfit! Don't know where I'd wear it to but I feel I really NEED to have it x

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